Wednesday, 2 January 2013

2013 rates


I am a freelance transcriptionist, offering a secure, accurate, responsive and cost-efficient transcription service. I’m especially experienced in commercial market research, legal, medical and academic transcription. Discounts are also available in many cases: email me with your requirements and I'll send you a quote.

Introductory Remote Rate 
Your first hour of audio transcribed: £30 (c.$47)

Undiscounted Remote Rates * 
Per hour of audio transcribed: £33-£44 (c.$55-$70) **

Undiscounted In Situ Rates * 
Edinburgh only – notes taken with speaker ID: £26 p.h. + transport
Edinburgh only – full transcription with speaker ID: £65 p.h. + transport

These rates suppose a one week turnaround. With advance notice, turnaround of 24 hours is usually available at no extra cost. Secure file transfer is typically via Google Drive; payment is typically via PayPal or bank transfer.

* Discounted rates are available for journalism, academic research, third sector and creative industries. Best case scenario, you end up paying even less than £33 / $55 per hour.

** Costs are calculated as follows: £22 per hour of audio typed + £4.00 per hour worked (so depth interviews and clear recordings will work out cheaper). Costs are capped, so you'll never pay more than £44 / $70 per hour. If you consider that most UK-based transcription services will charge £55-£80 per hour, you'll see how competitive these rates are!


Other Services 
Proofreading: £7.50 per 1,000 words
Proofreading existing transcription against audio: £18 p.h. of audio
Conversion from minidisc to MP3: £10 per minidisc
Conversion from audio CD to MP3: £2 per CD
Segmented disfluency-inclusive transcription using ELAN / Praat: rates vary but are always competitive. Get in touch with information about your project.

I can tailor a package to your needs. I'm also available for line editing  / content editing / ghosting. Get in touch!