Monday, 13 February 2012

2012 rates

Introductory Remote Rate
Your first hour of audio transcribed: £25 (c.$40)

Undiscounted Remote Rates *
Per hour of audio transcribed: £30-£40 (c.$50-$65) **

Undiscounted In Situ Rates *
Edinburgh only – notes taken with speaker ID: £25 p.h. + transport
Edinburgh only – full transcription with speaker ID: £60 p.h. + transport

Other Services
Proofreading: £6.50 per 1,000 words
Proofreading existing transcription against audio: £17 p.h. of audio
Conversion from minidisc to MP3: £10 per minidisc
Conversion from audio CD to MP3: £2 per CD

* Discounted rates are available for academic research and other non-profit projects. Email me!

** Costs calculated as follows: £20 per hour of audio typed + £3 per hour worked (so depth interviews and clear recordings will work out cheaper). Costs are capped at the higher quoted figure.